Monday, June 8, 2009

Truth and Consequences

What publishing THE THIRD TRUTH has shown me about many so-called "truthseekers":

The sheeple are right about them.

There are far fewer truthseekers than I hoped. A lot of people are just into an elaborate roleplaying game or "let's pretend". They don't want anything solved, they don't want anything elaborated upon or explained, for two reasons.

Firstly, because they just aren't intelligent and/or educated enough to "get it". Secondly, because it would interrupt "happy time" - their endless pretence where a vast (fictional) conspiracy is out to get them. The vast (real) conspiracy couldn't care less about them and that's what hurts worst of all.

If you genuinely investigate and bring things to light, like Dimitri Khalezov, Desertfae or even me, yours is the loneliest road to walk imaginable. The conspiracy crowd don't want their endless internet threads to be spoiled with any facts; the unimaginative sheeple can't or won't break their conditioning and just turn up the volume on the Simpsons; and of course the real enemies are delighted and just keep moving in for the killshot.

But still, Truth is too important to be neglected, so the crusade will continue, endless or not.