Thursday, June 11, 2009

The "art" of defamation is NOT dead, folks...

"The author of this book is a known fraud. He has endless internet personas which he uses to back himself up. He also has multiple fake film production companys which claim to have made and to be making multi million dollar films. None of them exist.

He goes to ridiculous lengths to back up his bull#.

I have no doubt that DaniW is Jonathon Nolan (the CEO & bull# mastermind) himself. I also have no doubt that the supposed Russian author of this book is also a created persona.

Do some research into Jonathon Nolan and PiscesAllMedia and you'll see what they are all about. He has no PA, the company is a piece of # that has never produced anything worthy. A very large & respected Australian film website has recently removed all of this mans credits due to the fact that none of them actually existed.

Look up the film 'Merchant of Death' for his latest scam. This fruitcake seriously needs to be stopped. "

-a classic example of the ATS assassination post.

Someone certainly needs to be stopped, namely whomever owns ATS and uses it as a combination of cointelpro and coward's castle to defame... well, me, for example.

Here's a quote for you guys:

"My lawyer liked that."

As amusing in some ways as it is to see this sort of rubbish allowed to be typed, and then proudly displayed on ATS,


it really sums up ATS for the umpteenth time that they not only drop their dung on their own carpet, but then do everything in their power to rub the noses of the innocent in it.

It is also a little more clever than it looks, as if one is not careful one falls into the positioning trap set and ends up having to defend against ludicrous accusations in a general spirit of trying to clear one's name. As opposed to the correct approach which is to send the perpetrators heartfelt greetings in the form of legal summonses. I am doing a little of each. This post will be my only public comment on the current internet hypocenter of hatred towards me. After this my responses will all be in the form of things neatly typed by clerks and processed by grey-suited functionaries.

Dimitri Khalezov exists, of course. He was a coaccused of 9/11 conspirators a few years ago. And HE is the author of THE THIRD TRUTH / 911thology. Not me. I own the firm that is publishing the book in various editions. Publisher. P u b l i s h e r. Not a u t h o r. Author. Publisher. See the difference? Wow. Just... Wow. Google him. It isn't difficult.

For all the nonsense spouted about me, him and all, the one thing I want everyone to keep in mind very clearly is this.

The people making these accusations have, as their first response, suggested a covert and complex scheme of multiple accounts, as I understand it. Now what in the world would have made them think of such a thing?

Answer: IT'S WHAT THEY DO. It is EXACTLY what is done constantly on sites like GLP and ATS. People with more time on their hands than is healthy, and/or in the employ of secret police great and small, sit there all day and night talking to themselves (and very occasionally, each other) via the internet. This has been exposed a couple of times in a couple of different ways, but of course without the sympathy of the crazy 13% of the population the dry facts of the institutional deceit of such forums as ATS and GLP is largely ignored.

As for the film Merchant of Death not being real or whatever? No idea what that could even mean. It's a huge budget documentary film. It's just moved from development to preproduction. The budget money is coming from overseas, from people of independent wealth. There is no question of it not being made. I can turn my head slightly and see the tin box in which the current tapes are sitting nicely safely padded in foam, much as the delusional maniacs of ATS should be. I went to Thailand. I filmed over an hour of footage of Viktor Bout (the man whom still other defamers choose to call "The Merchant of Death"). I even sent some of the footage to Channel 7 to use, however the sound levels were shocking on some of the footage and for that reason they couldn't, as far as I know, put it to air in the way they originally wanted to. For my purposes in the documentary it was fine, since the main point will come across very effectively, especially with the other footage I obtained over there for my exclusive use in the documentary.

As for this kind of general slurry of accusations as to other projects and this now familiar refrain that a "reputable" film site has taken details down or something- there's only one site I have ever bothered with and all my details are still there. I have never posted any details anywhere else, nor bothered to. So whatever has happened, not happened, been posted, been deleted... Other than again, being potentially defamatory by whoever put whatever they put up or took down whatever they took down or whatever the hell... It has zero connection to yours truly.

If there is some manufactured drama over listed projects not coming to fruition... Yet... Well I must say I am in the best of company when it comes to that. It goes with the job. And who is to say what will get made eventually? Certainly with the sort of money being thrown at the Merchant of Death project I would imagine that a fair slate will get cleared, after I pay my ever-mounting ever-ageing professional debts, when the big money comes in at the end of the MoD project.

My basic problem with what has been said about me is that it is not only painfully inaccurate, it's also particularly viciously intended.

And apparently all because I printed the unprintable book on 9/11.

As for the "nonexistence" of my PA Danielle- she is perfectly capable of defending herself and no doubt will, as will anyone else who has been defamed. Considering she leaped into action to help me at a time when there was no one else who could or would, it is very upsetting to me that she of all people is now also being dragged into this. It seems that there is truly no depth to the gutlessness, viciousness and deceit of the people who seem insistent that they, and only they, have the right to arbitrate in relation to certain topics. I have terrible news for them in that regard...

I think the general consensus mongst the legion of people victimised by the sociopaths and schizoids of these godawful sites is that GLP, ATS and so on, whilst they may serve a very useful purpose for the secret police who run them, should be executed bloodily in a civil court at an early opportunity.

And so it will most likely be.

I know for instance that a particular American businessperson who was also defamed is most definitely putting some money into finding and legally eliminating the source of his irritation. As he said in a phone call tonight,

"I don't even fucking want to own one of these conspiracy sites, but I bet that's what I'll end up with in damages"

-meaning that, if this American chap, for example, follows through on his legal threat, and absent the sinister backing of their intel agency puppetmasters, the assclowns who claim to own and run these sewer sites (and therefore will be held accountable in Court as the proprietors) will be left to meet their legal expenses themselves. With disastrous, disastrous consequences.

I for one cannot wait.