Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comicbook tidings

Creating the panel art for the comic isn't difficult given that it is Blender driven computer art for the most part, but certainly the process of handling the software swap over could be easier. The hand drawn art which I am also doing is going to take much longer but I feel it's essential. The comic is not the animated serial and vice versa and I want them to be two different enjoyable experiences, independent of each other in terms of how they satisfy their audiences, who will themselves be different from each other, I am sure.

My comicbook imprint is still Zodiac Comics so once again after far too long there will be Zodiac comicbooks making their way out into the wider world. Hopefully this time via Diamond as well as all the normal direct routes. :)

Once there's some artwork to post, you KNOW I'll post it. :)