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Dimitri Khalezov

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[edit] Dimitri Khalezov

Dimitri Khalezov is a confidante of Viktor But the so-called Merchant of Death as well as a researcher on 9/11. He has promulgated the theory that a team of foreign agents, some of whom were seen celebrating immediately after the collapse of the towers, were responsible for the terrorism event.

[edit] Main Theory on 9/11

Khalezov's main theory in relation to 9/11, which he describes by using the portmanteau word "911thology", is that preset nuclear charges under the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were triggered on 9/11, causing their collapse. He alleges that there is evidence of radioactive fallout damage at the time and amongst the survivors of 9/11 to this day.

He further alleges that a nuclear missile struck the Pentagon on 9/11, although it was deliberately set to not detonate on impact.

His theories have been widely criticised, sometimes with straw man arguments but more often on basic logical grounds, relating to the availability of the technology he alleges is involved, the opportunity for a foreign power to trigger the devices, and the availability of the nuclear missile in relation to his Pentagon hypothesis.

His theory is now the subject of a book and pamphlet, as well as a documentary film to be released in the latter part of 2009.

Khalezov's unique version of nuclear demolition in relation to 9/11 is perhaps the most controversial of the seriously held 9/11 conspiracy theories due in part to his refusal to provide complete evidence for his theory freely.