Thursday, June 11, 2009

EMPIRE of PLANET X: the way ahead

Empire of Planet X is the first film in the planned series. Then come two concurrent films with slightly overlapping narratives- Hapgood of Mongo and Spawn of Sogyambi. Spawn is the story of a duo of heroes fighting the Ming War, the heroes being the two most hairstyle challenged of the heroic Mongovian royalty, Barin and Thun. Hapgood of Mongo tells the story of a victim of Azura on Earth who is mysteriously transported to Mongo in time to basically be the "comedy" antihero of the setup before joining the general cast as a desperately unneeded third wheel. It will be better than it sounds. It pretty much would have to be or why the hell do it, eh?

Then after those two films the fourth planned animated film as yet untitled is the next full chapter with the public domain versions of Flash, Dale and Zarkov and the rest fighting the Ming War. Should they be victorious in that, it falls to me to decide whether the victory over Ming needs two films- I don't think so- or whether the third and final of the first "main story" trilogy should be similar to the public domain "Flash Gordon's Trip To Mars". It has its fans but as it exists there are a lot more people hostile to it. Anyway, that is the basic plan of films. They're fun to do and will find their audience, and make a wonderful release and break from all the silliness surrounding the Khalezov Affair.