Monday, June 15, 2009

Should you buy THE THIRD TRUTH?

Yes. You should.

The basic premise of THE THIRD TRUTH is as follows.

There are three truths. As the author somewhat confusingly says, there are two "truths" and one TRUTH- in other words TWO fake versions and one actual truth.

The two fake versions are familiar to all of us.

"Truth" 1 is the public version. The official version. If you accept that, congratulations you define yourself as a slave.

"Truth" 2 is the private version for the people who see themselves as the elite but are actually just the bond slaves of the elite- the outer circle. This version is not well known but is used to convince opinion leaders and the wealthy to toe the line. Basically it says that Arab terrorists had and continue to have miniature nuclear weapons ready to use, and in fact that they HAVE used them, including on 9/11. The private "truth" is what allows the controllers, the leaders, to justify lying to the people with "truth" 1 as well as being so outraged when people accuse the administration of the USA to make war on itself. Because they DIDN'T.

However, the controllers are evil scum, and they are certainly delighted to use anything to continue to maintain a slave state, a prison planet.

Many talking heads who are anti-conspiracy are ALSO in on this second "truth".

The third and REAL truth is as follows:

Israel's intelligence service, Mossad, through its head of plans, stole nuclear weapons and used one or two of them on 9/11. But those weapons did not explode. The nuclear charges that detonated on 9/11 were PUT UNDER THE WTC WHEN IT WAS BUILT.

That is the merest few pages of a very big book. THE THIRD TRUTH is a book the size of a small town's phone book and it is literally PACKED with facts. Packed. Loads of facts and loads of deconstructions that define the reality that has been concealed from you.

Do you need a copy of that book?