Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have always loved pastiche and I pretty much made a living off of writing it professionally at one point during my teen years, if you can believe that.

This being the case, and the oh so subtle insertion of certain Outer, Elder, Monster and otherwise squamous Gods into EMPIRE OF PLANET X, it should surprise almost no one that in addition to the film series which will more or less stumble through, deviate from and revere the 1935-1940 vintage public domain works, I will also be doing the Further Adventures of Barin and Thun, the first of which is SPAWN of SOGYAMBI.

From forest to desert, the afro prince of cool and the twitchy tree nerd with the mohawk, the Princes of Hairstyles, will be battling Sogyambi's fell spawn in one of the most out of the way spots on public domain Mongo... And in the process they will be trying to not only gain the advantage in the War Against Ming but also spare the gypsy planet the horror of subsumation by the...


Not to be missed, true believers! heh.