Friday, September 11, 2009


Well why DO this? Why take a public domain film, whether one likes it or not, and in some respects cannibalise it?

How to answer this question. Simply is best I think.

I personally have always loved LAST MAN ON EARTH, and have resented it being ignored by both critics and consumers in favour of later more colourful performances. This love for LAST MAN has often led me back to it for inspiration, and sometimes I watched my copy of it purely to enjoy the performance of Vincent Price in what I feel is his finest rendition. His acting in LAST MAN is wonderful to watch. Certainly since he shares the screen with no one for long stretches it is a little of the dream of all screen actors, and probably all actors of every stripe, to go solo and let it rip.

My desire to experiment with machinima and related media led me to want to reimagine certain stories, which I thought could be well translated into the 3d graphics world. I was delighted to find small but active machinima communities online and then very disappointed when I saw how much copout was going on- people were doing short and not very good parodies, rather than push the envelope. I guess the approach of the amateur and professional is going to be different in most cases, but that was honestly a disappointent to me. And I began to think in opposite terms. Rather than adding to a growing smear of substandard parodies why not go for melodrama?

There are original scripts on the slate, to be sure, and adaptations of novellas and my own past novels. However I also wanted to see if the disgusting craze for unnecessary remakes that the studios are indulging in could be diverted, even if only in mockbuster terms, to something more valid, more entertaining and fundamentally more satisfying.