Monday, September 14, 2009


Departments of Shits and Giggles:

Because it's a cool thing to do, because it's fun and because I can, a short film set in the continuity of LAST MAN ON EARTH ANIMATED will appear in an upcoming volume of HORROR VAULT, an unrated horror series coming out of Denmark.


My addition to the series is called SPLITSVILLE and depicts somewhat graphically a sad episode in the past life of Robert Morgan.

People who grab this as well as the full version of LAST MAN ON EARTH ANIMATED can put them in the same storyline, people into the more psychological and poetic stuff in the feature don't have to, people who like gore etc. may only ever see the featureshort in HORROR VAULT.

But at least now you know. And as we know...

Knowing's half the battle.

The other half being red and blue lasers.