Saturday, September 5, 2009

Synchromysticism: Stuck in neutral because...

Synchromysticism is stuck in neutral because it is a process, towards an end. But all too often the process is being used inappropriately, by uneducated, not especially clever and frequently not all there people to make random connections through a combination of seeing what one wants to see and using "near enough is good enough" rather than scrupulous accuracy.

For example.

There are many real and documented "coincidences" in the Charles Manson cases. There is the occurrence of the date October 12. There is the crossover with the Church of Scientology. The presence in the same prison, sometimes the same cell, at the same time as Manson of a variety of other 60s figures. The references made by Manson to the Beatles, who possibly met him and certainly stayed within walking distance of him. The crossover with the Four Pi Movement. The crossover with the underground bases mythos (and its underlying reality). And much more.

This is totally different from the frequent use by uncritical and rather silly people calling themselves synchromystics (a profession not requiring qualification, handily enough*) who pick a given date, then use events that fall ANYWHERE WITHIN A MONTH of that date as "hits" to correlate. That kind of howlingly stupid imprecision discredits the very real significance of certain dates, the genuinely odd repetitions in the lives and deaths of public figures, the fact that there really have been sinister groups linking many an alleged "lone assassin" or "serial killer" and so on.

*and thus on the level of many an Arts and Computing graduate