Monday, September 7, 2009

Cognitive Dissonance is no accident

Somewhere between the engineering of consent and some people's innate intellectual laziness is a broad agenda not just to dumb people down- small enough effort required there, on average- but also lower expectations.

In the real estate sales game they call it conditioning the seller. Their client, the seller, wants to sell their house, and get as much for it as possible. Contrary to this, most real estate firms want nothing more than to milk the sucker seller for money until there isn't any more then sell the house for whatever they can get. The commission doesn't vary too much whether the house sells at a premium or not.

But all that is a different story. What matters for the purposes of this little dialectic tract is that the real estate crooks con their own client, in the same way educational outlets and the media con their audience. They move people emotionally, exploit their vulnerability... In short, they condition their audience. Not really controversial news any more. Although the mere fact that all these truths have to run a gauntlet in the media and from the half educated doyens of what is left of the educational system tells you something.

For fifty or more years the catchcry has been, "those who can, do; those who can't, teach." And it is very true. As a result the least intellectually fit have prospered in classrooms and universities at the expense of the bright all rounders who used to drag the rest of society along kicking and screaming into an increasingly bright future.

Conditioning is not only turning out a bottomless hellpit of Homer Simpsons of both sexes in the civilised world, it's also lowering expectations for the future. Reducing people's ambitions to base consumerism and animalism is the credo at work here.

It must be stopped. Which means WE all have to try and stop it.

Best of luck, wish me the same.