Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scrabble on Facebook: if you are a retard or an ignoramus, this is the game for you.

Disgusting, stupid and embarassing Game. If your name is Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin, this is the word game for you- a game where being able to speak read and write English counts against you.

It allows countless gibberish words like ud, mun, zo, ae, aa, ai, ab, al, boh, shope, and on and on- whilst disallowing known normal albeit educated words. It is a disgrace.

It doesn't allow challenge of these pathetic non-words, it lags or freezes constantly, and its stupid system of scoring prevents its constant errors and failure to adhere to the English language to be reflected in scoring.

If you are re tarded, lacking in self respect, horribly badly educated or just a typical unintellectual member of the underclass- this is the game for you.

If you play this game, see it for the disgrace it is to our language and culture and play it anyway, you are a pathetic sheep and deserve what the future will most certainly bring you and your class of society. OBEY SLEEP NO IMAGINATIVE THOUGHT.

A word game where wrong words are allowed. If that doesn't sum up modern life, nothing does.

cue the Simpsons theme.

I am forced to give it at least one star- facebook admins - I do so under duress, this game deserves NOTHING and doesn't even work well enough to be playable by the sheeple who like it.

When trying to post this review, I was told some of its content was reported as abusive by facebook users- interesting since it hadn't been posted yet. Fascist much?