Sunday, July 12, 2009


Spacemen is my new animated film, and will be the best attempt yet since I swapped to animation. I am comfortable now with the movement between Blender, GiMP, Milkshape, iClone, Movies etc. and it is getting easier to incorporate raw animation into clips and editing suites like Adobe Premiere than when I started, since it was total freaking nightmare when I started. :)

The basic story once again uses public domain audio, this time from THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE, but the visuals are independent of that film and are much more in keeping with for example Silver Age Marvel which I still love. I learned to read using Marvel comics when I was 1 and a half years old so Marvel has been with me literally my whole life.

This film will use comicbook panels as its opening and closing credits, then the 3D animation as its normal footage. The 3D footage will be quite heavily processed in some cases to cater to the demands of the script but for some of the action it will be very much like a Silver Age comic- dogpile hand to hand combat, inexplicable machines, bizarre alien technology and sinister aliens being creepy.

This one definitely needs as much of a sense of spectacle as it is possible to achieve with the budget and resources I currently have but it is a very enjoyable creative process so based on the simple storyboard pictures you can see here it is obvious I am having a blast. :)