Thursday, July 9, 2009

How do we see the Eternals? By Jack Kirby

How do we see the Eternals?
By Jack Kirby

That is the question. And it's a big question, because it involves us all in a great cosmic adventure which began when the dinosaurs split the scene and humanity was first pushed on the stage of that universal Gong Show we call History.

Something happened back there, among the steaming ferns and moving continents of prehistoric Earth. And neither Walter Cronkite nor Howard Cosell nor your ever-lovin' current events teacher was there to take notes on the events we must nowadays sift from the myths, the mummies, and the skeletons that lay buried beneath tons of soil.

So what happened there, in that unreported, unwritten, mystifying beginning of all things? How many mammoth events provided the oil which still spins the wheels of this plastic pickle-works we hail as modern civilization?

I feel that playing around with this sort of conjecture is highly entertaining, and that we should aim our gunsights at this giant puzzle we've inherited more often. We can't leave it all to the professors, pundits, and paperback prophets. The puzzle belongs to you and me as well. And beneath the Royal Aegis of Marvel Comics, you and I can get together and- carefully provisioned with all the junk food we can carry- just have ourselves a ball with the grand discussion of all the ideas and characters which spring from the yarns in pages such as these.

If you've read ETERNALS from issue #1, or just hooked in somewhere along the succeeding episodes, I'm certain that you can define the perspective of my thoughts on the subject.

My people and concepts are for your entertainment only. It is really my definition of life itself. I see it as a space and time given to the average reascal to utilize in a pleasurable manner until his slot is empty.

So, what do you think happened back there amid the perhistoric swamps? Could it have been something close to what I've presented? Are the Eternals, Deviants, and Space Gods a pleasing conjecture? Just what are your fancies? Are they serious, somber, flamboyant, or just plain freaky?

Whatever the case, send your letters to:

Eternal Utterings
P.O. Box 4943
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Let me know what you think, and we'll work ourselves up a smoky storm together!

-Jack Kirby