Thursday, July 16, 2009


Freaky number- it was the Alexa page ranking for the blog... The symmetry is obviously conspiracy kryptonite for the synchromystically addicted, although to me it just seemed lucky- 88 and 88 duplicate the good luck 8 / infinity of course and if 11 is unlucky then the double 88 brackets and contains it. Also one set of 88 would cancel out the 11 leaving a "spare" 88 to give good luck! :)

This sort of thing is why I usually stay clear of numerology. It seems to have a powerful effect on the weak minded, and for me I just see it as a big distraction. It clearly reveals some of the inner workings of the universe, but not in a way which is particularly useful, and as another form of potentially addictive behaviour- number watching- I just think most people should give it a wide berth. If they can't read without their mouths moving, they shouldn't be toying with fundamental forces.