Sunday, July 19, 2009

My OzSoapBox comment... posted here just in case it gets lost over there...

Jonathan Nolan Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I am not going to post here again, since it doesn’t really add anything to my day…

But at least TRY and get your facts straight before rushing in to post an article. For starters, why not be clear on who owns or works for what business? Two minutes’ work. Or is it such a good topic it’s a shame to spoil it with any facts?

As for the reposted forum posts from Pisces, whether or not they still exist in a cache or wherever else, they were defamatory, and fake- posted by people committing the crime of identity theft in fact.

Reposting them here or allowing them to be posted in the comments section is itself potentially defamatory.

Perhaps a few more hours studying law and a few less playing video games or surfing the web for pornography would stand some of the arcmchair experts in better stead.

As for claims about takedown notices being acted on- zgeek is still posting potentially defamatory material, still telling lies in public, and still playing the victim card… Despite being responsible for everything that happened. But then personal responsibility is obviously a lot less sexy to some people than dropping the c-word at every opportunity.