Friday, July 17, 2009

SPACEMEN comicbook

Waiting for the rendering to end... :)

Thinking about the comicbook, it turns out it's going to be cheap enough to do so that a floppy as well as a graphic novel is conceivable. I think... Both. In keeping with the Silver Age vibe, although there were a tiny handful of graphic novels in all but name through the Silver Age the concept hadn't actually caught on at that point, so we'll do a regular movie adaptation issue and an Annual, with the Annual being the graphic novel.

I think the storyboards etc. of some of the expanded universe stuff that builds on the original film should be done in a variety of styles in the Annual and the floppy should just be a true Silver Age comic, racing through the story with art bursting from every panel. Just have to find the right guy or lady for the project as artist. :)