Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Open Letter To The Zeitgeist Scum

Zeitgeist is just another commercially motivated "ism". It jumped on the 9/11 bandwagon and not only deceived and misled earnest seekers after truth there, but then showed its total lack of real commitment to anything by abandoning 9/11 and latching on to other similar quests for truth.

Particularly contemptible is the insertion of the usual half-baked half-witted deceptions about ancient cultures, ancient figures whose titles are wrongly translated as "god" and so on.

Muddying waters for profit is an evil act.

Also the constant shrill marketing has worn very thin. Of course people have a right to promote and self-promote, I do it myself, but I also make sure that I am putting a lot more in than ever I take out.

Zeitgeist scum just show up, pimp, and fuck off again like the lowlife pornographers of the soul that they are.

I also deeply sense a nazism to Zeitgeist. I don't believe its agenda is innocent and I believe the real agenda goes immensely far beyond simple profiteering.

And so it becomes obvious with mathematical certainty that zeitgeist and its scumwad marketers are facilitating the NWO massively by distracting people, engineering consent, confusing people, and getting in the way of real witnesses of real phenomena, who would otherwise be free to communicate.

That all clear enough for you?

And I am happy to debate any or all of you, anywhere any time. I'm about to go after scientology, do you limpdicks seriously think I would worry about wiping you idiots out first??