Wednesday, April 22, 2009

John 1

Godlikeproductions is a Tavistock Operation?

I used to frequent a conspiracy theory message board (forum) called godlikeproductions ( You can find all sorts of crazy topics on there, but every now and then you can find some truly interesting info that seems to have credible sources that you can actually validate. I would visit for the entertainment value and also for the chance that I might stumble upon a post by someone that might actually know something.

Anyway, one day I saw a post titled “The truth about GLP”. It looked interesting so I clicked it. The poster said to google three things: “webhelper trinity”, “the best kept secret in america” and “godlikeproductions”. Before I did this, I scrolled down to see some of the responses. Someone had posted a couple of sentences that didn’t make sense. They said, “Jack_Frost has caused quite a buzz by buying out a popular internet message board, He is posting there under the name “^TrInItY^”, and bans anyone who mentions bunny or flowers.”

A couple of posts later, someone quoted that and said, “See! Some of the words automatically got changed” or something along those lines. I thought to myself, “Wow, so this conspiracy theory message board is censoring certain words.” I really wanted to know what the original sentence said so I started googling like the original poster advised. Upon googling “webhelper trinity”, I clicked on the first link and it was to a thread on a message board. I actually found the exact sentence that the poster had copied and pasted (without the changes obviously).

The original sentence was, “Jason Lucas has caused quite a buzz by buying out a popular internet message board, He is posting there under the name “^TrInItY^”, and bans anyone who mentions or spyware.” So we see here that Jason Lucas got changed to Jack_Frost, got changed to bunny, and spyware got changed to flowers. I wanted to make sure that someone wasn’t just messing around, so I decided to test it myself by copying and pasting that sentence into a reply in the thread. Sure enough my post was there with those three words changed.

I immediately went to repost and when I hit “submit” I was greeted with “You are banned from posting” or something similar. This was all within less than a minute. I was very surprised. Apparently, if you post one of the banned words you get auto-banned. A few minutes later the whole thread was deleted.

After a little more research I found out that Jason Lucas used to work for (or still does) which is/was a company that made spyware and malware. According to some sources, it was speculated that Mr. Lucas works for the US government and this spyware was used to collect info for them. At this point you may be thinking, “so what?” Well, Jason Lucas bought godlikeproductions back in 2004 from the original owner and is a forum moderator there that goes by the name ^TrInItY^. Obviously he doesn’t want word to spread about his past with He also attempted to buy Rumormill News and Surfing the Apocalypse; two similar websites. They turned him down.

What’s REALLY interesting is that another one of the banned words there is Tavistock. If you post that word in a thread, it changes to Merry Christmas and you get banned. It doesn’t take much to deduce that Mr. Lucas must be associated with them in some way as well. I have another blog on here that goes into great detail about what Tavistock is. I suggest reading it here.

Basically Tavistock Institute has done much work and research in the fields of mind control and social experimentation. That’s simplifying it, but like I said, if you want to know more read my blog “The best kept secret in America”. I didn’t write the article, but I reproduced it here in it’s entirety.

I know you might be thinking, “mind control? come on!”, but think about it. That forum is obviously one big social experiment for controlling opposition and spreading disinformation. It’s also a way to keep tabs on different theories and beliefs so “the powers that be” can see who’s getting close to the truth. This way they can steer you away from it. That forum is heavily moderated. Threads get deleted more often than people know and they can flood the forum with so many fake conspiracies that it leaves someone lost in a sea of possibilities.

I still go there from time to time, but now I go knowing the truth about them. It makes it a little easier to spot the shills and sift through the garbage. This goes out as a warning to people that visit. Be careful. They’re monitoring the posts. They have your IP address. For all I know, they’re most likely making a list of people that will need to be controlled when the crap hits the fan.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not. For me though, the Tavistock theory holds more weight for me now. The mere fact that a certain conspiracy can’t be discussed on a message board that’s specifically for conspiracy theories leads me to believe that it’s real. I’ve witnessed their censoring first hand. I’ve been banned. They change words, ban users and delete threads that have anything to do with it.

One last thing; when researching this I read that their ads had ways of installing spyware on your computer. I don’t know if this is still the case, but I haven’t found any on mine yet. This is just one more reason to be careful if you dare go there. My advice is to stay away. Now if only I can take my own advice, but it’s like watching a train wreck. I can’t look away.