Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Museum of the Mind

[quote="bammer"]Hey Im rather interested in knowing whether I could use some knowledge to increase mind power. I would like to possess or develop ( at least!) the mind power to retain memories of the things i consider as very significant. And by retention, I mean long-span retention really! Hope I could be helped in this area!....Thanks[/quote]

OK, this is a good one to develop, the power of eidetic memory. Eidetic memory is photographic, ie perfect, memory, which also analyses what it stores- like having your own database in your head.

Start with the basic "mind emptying" I describe in the earliest video above. To begin with, trying to do this will have the opposite effect- new thoughts, especially stressful thoughts, panicky thoughts and threatening thoughts, will quickly race to fill any clear headedness you generate. You have to work through this process. It's healthy to conduct a quiet meditation and internal review of your mind anyway, so the process is harmless.

Quieten your lower self. Deny it whatever it is trying to tell you it craves- food, junk, drink, sex, sleep- whatever. Go to the bathroom, clear your body and mind, clean your body- and keep going. With a growing feeling of emptiness of mind and body, allow still more negative thoughts to intrude. But now, START CONTROLLING THEM. Don't suppress them or fight against them. Teach yourself to start analysing them honestly. No one else is there- there should be no fear that your sense of self or ego will be harmed by this honesty- this is a private, not a public time. Feel yourself and your mind. Now when you start emptying your mind, CREATE LABELS for the thoughts, good and bad, you are having. Start an internal database of what your thoughts are trying to tell you. Create a clear mental image of a warehouse or museum. A museum is better, a clean pure museum with glass cases, bright lights, quietness, and lovely images. But also more sinister rooms and exhibits... All harmless, some more exciting than others... But all harmless and perfectly safe. After all, it's a museum. It deals with abstracts from history and theory.

Some people will find that the museum imagery won't work. There is too much shadow and darkness in their mind. For them it will have to be the warehouse. But even so, keep your mental warehouse as clean and safe as possible.

WHAT YOU THINK, IS WHAT IS TRUE in the realm of the psychic. Force yourself, train yourself, to develop mental muscles and mental controls. Do not suppress anything, but learn to surf or ride out the negativity, fear, even physical pain.

When the museum or warehouse image is clear and concrete, when it is becoming a real place you can describe, draw, recognise, inhabit- begin filling it. Don't worry, it's infinite, it will never be over-full, just majestically filled with exhibits sacred and profane, good and evil as mankind thinks of things. Label everything. Store everything. Every thought is assigned its place, as part of the great Mission of Understanding.

By doing this, your mind is becoming trained and disciplined. Soon it will be second nature when thoughts "occur" to you, ie when thoughts rise up from the lower levels of your consciousness, to identify them correctly and honestly, to label them clearly and with complete truth. This will improve not only your memory but also your sense of humour. You will see the funny side of even the most painful things because you will have enough emotional distance to look at them with great honesty. You will be in control, as you should be, of the lower self, putting it to work to create the great and beautiful museum of the soul, a complete and incredible record of your time on Earth. Your own personal Discovery History Channel! :)