Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Made Bards

Damning Evidence: Avoid GLP at ALL costs. Proof of who they really are.

Godlike Productions is a military/government joint experiment in data collection.

All of the following information was gathered in 20 minutes via Google from public documents. Most of it was well known, except what Trinity's been doing in his day job.

From a paper written by:

Jason Lucas, TENA SDA Deputy Director
Eglin AFB, FL
(Hurry and grab your copy of the pdf before it disappears!)

Yes, you read that right. Our Trinity is the deputy director of a government program in charge of middleware development to better enable data collection (ie., Spyware, also known as flowers ;) )! Look at this quote from page 4 of the presentation. You just know it's Trinity.

"In his 78 A.D. book, The War of the Jews, the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus observed and wrote about Roman soldiers as they trained and were tested almost daily for battle, saying their "exercises were unbloody battles, and their battles bloody exercises. It is the reason they bear the fatigue of battle so easily." Today's military exercises with multi-layered scenarios spread out over large areas may be much more complex than a Roman legion exercising its cohorts, but the goal of buffering the quickly rising, often unexpected challenges of combat is the same. Through today's quick and efficient data collection and analysis, all necessary levels of exercise feedback can be quickly turned into lessons learned. Offering the interoperability and resource reuse advantages to the data collection, TENA has become an important factor in range instrumentation and data gathering systems, particularly as an interoperability enabler in JNTC military exercises."

How do we know this is our Jason?

The infamous "Spyware Letter" (or "Flowers Letter", if you prefer) that pegs JL as an employee of C2 Media

A few whois records showing where at least one C2 Media branch is located.
CustName: C2 Media Ltd
Address: P.O. Box 1113
City: Shalimar
StateProv: FL

Trinity Acquisitions is a known alias for Mr. Lucas (Get it, Trinity? Ha Ha)
Trinity Acquisitions Inc.
Trinity Acquisitions
P.O. Box 344
shalimar, FL 32579

An interesting myspace page, where someone has posted lots of revealing documentation.

A campaign contribution:

Let's establish location. How far is Eglin AFB from Shalimar? Let's ask Google:

Driving directions to Eglin Air Force Base, FL
2.1 mi – about 5 mins

Shalimar, FL

1. Head north on Eglin Pkwy/FL-85 toward 9th Ave
1.3 mi
2. Continue straight onto Eglin Blvd/FL-397
0.6 mi
3. Make a U-turn
0.3 mi

Eglin Air Force Base, FL

So, it's possible that there's more than one Jason Lucas in Shalimar. But a little less likely that some other Jason would also be a senior operative in data collection.

In conclusion: Avoid GLP at all costs. Spread the word to other forums.