Saturday, August 15, 2009

War of Extermination

War of Extermination differs from traditional conflicts over resources in that extermination, the complete removal of the enemy, is the war aim that takes precedence over obtaining territory, resources or other commercial benefit. The perceived social good of the total elimination of a class of unwanted, unloved and unneeded people, whilst being costly, politically unpopular with those outside a regime or movement and contrary to the dominant conditioning of Western culture, has arisen spontaneously again and again, whenever a sub-group has attracted attention to its differences with underlying societal norms through its aberrant practices, dissent from a dominant set of behaviours or through persistent criminal behaviour clearly identifiable as having a common origin within the sub-group.

At that point, if not before, the cost to the victim of removing the source of the criminal behaviour becomes incidental to the need to exterminate.

Historically, Wars of Extermination have always succeeded. Those on whom it has waged have rarely survived and when they have somehow survived their sub-group is permanently crippled as a result.

Which is the aim of a War of Extermination.