Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kleeshae Caverns

Kleeshae Caverns... With a few hours to kill and nothing but semi-sentient bread to eat, I decided to rewrite some earlier game stuff and make a new, somewhat more coherent game out of them, plus put my favourite overarching adventure game trope- the cave system- as the umbrella beneath which the game play shelters.

Kleeshae (as in cliche) Caverns incorporates all the old favourites, chestnuts and horrors of adventure games, although it is NOT possible to become hopelessly stuck. So in that respect at least it varies wildly from a lot of the "classic" adventure games. It's also graphical, although not usually animated. I actually could embed video and flash etc. but I thought nah, not for this. Seemed like too much effort even when killing time.

Anyway, it's live, it's got over a thousand locations and thousands upon thousands more to come, and I will basically put an hour a day into it from now on.

If you want to register, by all means do so, it actually does enhance gameplay. On the other hand, playing for free is certainly a very workable option. :)

Anyhoo- Kleeshae Caverns. :)